SAP FI - A/P Financial Reports (Advanced Level) User Training Course

SAP FI - A/P Financial Reports (Advanced Level) User Training Course

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  • This superb-value online course contains all the latest guidance for people who wish to build on their basic reports skills with the highly regarded and globally used enterprise software SAP.

    Who Is The Training For?

    The basic skills learned in the SAP FI Financial Reports Basic Entry Level (User) are the perfect platform for tackling this more advanced training. You will build on your basic skillset to gain a detailed understanding of advanced SAP FI report features and reporting options in SAP. This course represents a hassle-free, flexible training solution both for individuals who wish to advance their careers and organisations who need to deliver high-quality training to staff.

    How Does It Work?

    As all study takes place online, learners can access the four hours of high-quality training material for the full 12 months they are signed up for. With no weekly class to attend or deadlines to hit, learners are totally free to access any aspect of the training whenever and wherever they wish to. This puts the student in control of their learning experience, thus maximising their chance of success.

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