Cisco CCNA & CCNP Routing & Switching Package (with Live Labs)

CISCO CCNA & CCNP Routing & Switching Package (with Live Labs)

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  • Explore and master the fundamental techniques of designing, deploying and managing a Cisco-based network with the CCNA & CCNP bundle. Using expert instructor-led training, customised presentations, practice exams along with other learning supplements, students will have all the materials they need to master advanced Cisco networking at their own pace.

    The CCNA and CCNP bundle will prepare students to sit the exams required for both qualifications - regarded as the gold standard for proving competence in Cisco technologies. By choosing this double package, students have access to the materials for both Cisco qualifications, providing them with all the skills they need to build and manage a complete corporate network.

    The CCNA and CCNP bundle will be of specific interest to:

    • IT engineers and network professionals who need to boost their skill levels to maintain corporate networks for maximum efficiency and reliability.
    • Administrators looking to simplify management of their networked resources.
    • IT professionals looking for a suitable qualification to prove their computer hardware and networking skills.
    • System administrators who need Cisco specialist training that teaches core IT concepts, and how to apply them.

    In addition, students will gain the necessary knowledge and skills required to master IP, OSPF, ACLs (Ethernet and Access Control Lists), VLANs, Frame Relay, Serial Line Interface Protocol and EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol. Engineers and administrators can then apply this knowledge to building and supporting robust, scalable network solutions for their employers.

    Course delegates will also get access to the Practice Labs, a dedicated hardware resource allowing them to practice each of the examples shown in the course materials. Students are also free to use the Practice Labs to further their own knowledge, or to model real-world scenarios for troubleshooting without affecting their ”live” business network.


    Practice Labs
    CISCO Practice Labs

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