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  • Project Management is one of the most desirable profession and discipline in the current time. The business environment these days is very fluid and the rate of change is very rapid. To stay competitive, organizations managing projects, must  focus on management techniques and methodologies which are most flexible and move with the changing conditions. The answer to this requirement is getting Agile.

    The Agile framework has short iterative cycles with continuous evaluation of the workflow, so that new requirements can be incorporated and validated before moving further, which helps to create end products which meet the customer requirements in a better way, adding more value to the businesses.Project priorities, environments, requirements, financial situations, timelines and resource conditions are changing rapidly and in such environment the Agile methodology helps the delivery team to stay on top of these changes to deliver the end products which are most acceptable and adding value to the organization.

    PMI has introduced a new certification PMI- ACP which is globally accepted and having this certificate demonstrates high levels of expertise in using Agile principles and practices in rapidly changing project environments.

    This training provides you with all requisite knowledge for understanding best practices across different Agile methodologies. This also helps you to pass the PMI-ACP certificate and you can increase your market value with this extensive study and certificate. You will be able to implement Agile practices in your daily projects and manage teams with an in-depth understanding of the Agile practices.

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