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There is and remains a large shortage of officially certified ICT people. is solely responsible for the official worldwide recognized certifications. With these certifications (diplomas) you can go anywhere and are highly appreciated.
Always the most recent courses.
At you always get the most recent training there. We also take the official exams so we know what we are talking about.
Officially recognized vocational training. is a CRKBO recognized training institute as part of GetCertified Training. That is why we do not have to calculate VAT.
At you always have access to the e-learning environment for a whole year.
No 3 months, no 6 months but a full year access to all facilities.
Discount on exams or FREE second shot.
As part of GetCertified Opleidingen we are an official PearsonVue test center, with us you can also take the official exams or we arrange the exam elsewhere for you.
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You can order a course online or request a quote for your employer. By agreement can then simply be paid on invoice.

What do you get at CertKit ?

The CertKit is a dynamic, unique, 1-click certification preparation product. CertKit offers course participants the most up-to-date E-Learning and updated training materials in which they learn the latest techniques and methods.

We examine ourselves, so we know what we are talking about.

The exam quizzes helps you to test the knowledge you have acquired through the E-Learning. Complete the quizzes to get an overview of what areas you still need to work to pass the exam.

Exam simulation is a test tool that tests your knowledge against the skills and competencies determined by the institute. Exam simulation can be used in study or certification mode.

Online mentors here at CertKit can answer all your specific technical questions regarding your study subject 24/7. Your efforts will not be wasted because our online mentors are highly trained in their field, 100% guaranteed.

E-Learning is the cornerstone of CertKit, it provides a thorough learning experience by including features designed to improve your productivity and productivity.

The Cert Kit is an excellent choice for students who benefit from self-study. A handy portal of notes, tips, articles, links to communities, etc.

Easy to reach at any time. It forms the basis for practical hands-on skill development that allows users to access real live equipment in a safe test environment.

Certification changed my life.... It seems to have taken my career to a whole new level. They do a good job of making it relevant and going across the board with various skills needed to perform your job. Jim Fincher | Senior System Engineer | Florida
The job market today is insane: I get job offers every day. It's a great market for developers. It's even better if you have your certification because that gives you that one little edge you have against somebody that doesn't if you're going for the same job. Tess Willams | Developer | Australia
Having the solutions expert be part of the new branding of MCSE is definitely worthwhile because you can't just focus on a single technology any more. You really need to know the entire platform and how it all integrates together. Joshua Pernito | Active Directory Engineer | Texas

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